"What even is a style idol?"

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Erykah Badu photographed by Karim Sadli, Purple Fashion Magazine #21 S/S 2014

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W.H.T the 3rd.


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(*And out of nowhere) a Virgo stole my corazon back in April. #InternationalDateLine”

"I’m overwhelmed by my Ikea furnitre, Will."

"I can tell."



  • a straw scraping the bottom of an empty can of Coke
  • oxidized
  • a cartoon whose catchphrase is “Ack!”
  • the sort of person who loses his voice on the happiest day of his life
  • heartsick
  • someone who’s been walking in the desert for days
  • distended
  • a brooding squall
  • someone who is suddenly truly thrilled because he just remembered he had a chocolate bar in his backpack
  • skittish

The whole list, here. 

It appears as if somebody made a video about my dearest W. Thrower? Ha! Having a Value Investor boo thing #RideOrDie: I don’t understand it all that much — I just know that he likes rap music and wears flip flops to the office in the summer. He also likes dumplings. Oh, and he’s the most wonderful man I know.

"Will is the man," he says. Er, I concur, stranger. I concur.

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